Review of May 2014's Glass Door Reading Series

Having the babysitter arrive early, Freddy and I began our night out at Ricky's, a sports lounge next door to the event's location, Koffee Cafe. Over half-off pints, we discussed my most current short story and he helped me with some of the finer points of a character's drug overdose. A firefighter/EMT (soon to be paramedic), my husband is a wealth of information - a writer's (this writer's!) dream. At 6:30 we headed next door to the Koffee Cafe, a small coffee shop ran by a friendly family who possess the world's best Thai chicken soup recipe (the spicy, creamy masterpiece is perfectly paired with a glass of their house red). Our evening's host, Robin Young, and his wife, Lorraine, greeted us as soon as we walked through the door. Obviously natural fixtures in the arts community, the couple is endlessly supportive and enthusiastic. During my reading I noticed they held hands, Lorraine reaching over the table to experience the story with Robin. Tender, in-

A Collection Of Magical Realism

Working a collection of magical realism short stories right now. In it, a woman made of glass and her clumsy husband; a father whose thirty year hailstorm has blistered his children; a sinisterly hungry fishwife, a girl charged with caring for her half-tree mother; a young woman who regrettably leads her younger sister through a fairie door; a man who devotes his life's work to stopping the wind; an elderly couple floating into the afterlife; an undead ghost who travels the world in another's subconscious; a boy who can't help but float when happy, and his mother's unwavering love; and a writer's worst nightmare, called, "The Query That Killed Her". On another note, my short story, From There to Here, will be featured in the upcoming "Grrrl Rising" issue of Moon Magazine!

Dabbling in Shorts

Some short stories I've recently finished that are looking for a home: The Glass Orphan Grounded Could be Cancer My Father's Hailstorm Flash fiction: Four Blue Capsules Life, Death, and, Reanimation in Suburbia As for poetry: Erased Collecting Stones Homecoming Common Target Soul's Birth Between Dreams and Nightmares Y'know, just in case anyone ever cares ;)